This perspective shows the intricacy and interactive qualities of all the spaces of this project and how they play off of each other. When the pop-out retail booths are out in the park area, the main pedestrian path along Pier 29 is interrupted and pedestrians move along a secondary path to shop and view the activity at the skate park. They can then see interactive roof activities that will take them to other scenic areas of the site. The project has many “secret little gems” that keep you exploring on the site and leave you wanting to come back to see what else it has to offer.
The north perspective shows the majority of the addition to pier 29. The elivated parallelogram mass houses the artist live/work lofts on the upper floor, while the middle floor is a group work space as well as an exhibition floor that opens up to the elivated park that is on the roof of the brewery bar/restaurant. This park area provides the best views on the site. The park also sloped down to a scenic waterfront path as well as interactive tide pools and ramps down to the water. The live/work lofts also extend over the water to cover a docking area for a medium sized shipping boat for goods and services.
This perspective shows the interaction between the public skatepark and the park space designated for the retail popout booths. The foreground shows the flowing snakerun that follows the perimeter of the skatepark with the main bowl in the center. To the left, you can see the public breezeway that cuts through the existing pier 29 and breaks up the metal and wood shop from the fab-lab to the right.
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