Zanja House

Located in Venice Beach, California, this garage renovation is a back yard haven for working, relaxing, visiting, and soaking up the beautiful Southern California climate. A re-pitched roof allowed for a mezzanine that leads to a roof deck garden. The roof deck sits atop additional storage and a hot tub deck on the ground level. The open living space opens to a front porch and garden that leads to Zanja St. The living space remains open by having all the storage and murphy bed enclosed in a built-in that encompasses the whole east wall. The kitchen is open to the living space and looks out to the front garden. The bathroom is a 5’x5’ wet bathroom that is water tight and has the shower head coming down in the middle of the room. The hot tub deck has additional storage below the deck and all covers blend in seamlessly with the deck. This studio loft is an outlet for the main house and a fun addition to the back yard.

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