LA River Revitalization / SCAD

The Los Angeles River currently acts as a cultural, social, and economic bisector between downtown Los Angeles, to the west, and Boyle Heights, to the east. This LA River revitalization proposal regenerates environmental qualities along the river's edge and re-establishes a social connection to the east and west. A high speed railway system will connect the greater Los Angeles area to San Francisco, from the north, and San Diego, to the south. On a larger scale, this proposal lightens the implied load of the concrete river with green roofed structures and permeable park surfaces for high river seasons. On a local scale, this proposal dismantles the social barrier created by the river. There is already an established transportation movement within the site that will not only be tapped into, but will also be amplified into a major transportation hub for downtown Los Angeles. The addition of a high-speed rail station will connect Los Angeles to neighboring cities, and a train station for the local metro, Amtrak, and light rail lines will connect to the rest of the city. This was a Partnered, ten week, Graduate Urban Design Studio centered around the LA River revitalization. Partner: Isaac Leverett

Connection to Downtown Los Angeles Context
View from River Graffiti Park to Skywalk, train lines, and Landbridge.
Graduate Urban Design Studio, Partner: Isaac Leverett
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