Indoek Wax Kit No. 2 - Resin Rock

Resin is a crucial material in surfboard making, it allows for the beauty and precision of the modern day surfboard. Taking this core material and condensing it down into a precious geometric stone provided the inspiration for the Indoek Wax Kit No. 2. Each kit was individually colored, poured, and hand polished. The clam shell design is held together by powerful rare earth magnets. This edition of 30 sculptural boxes are all numbered and crafted in three color ways: pearl, obsidian, and marble. This project was incredibly special because of the partnership with my brother, Matt. We locked in the concept together and from there I went on to design, prototyping and production phases. Once production was complete, Matt and the Indoek team created an amazing product release and the perfect venue for introducing this labor of love to the world. The process started with concept sketches and quickly led to some digital 3-D modeling. After an extensive design process, the form became realized through prototyping and eventually led to the final 3D printed prototype. This was then used for the mold making process which quickly led to a hand finishing process of the resin object. After many hours of finish work, all the components were compiled for the final product of the 'resin rock'. This process encompassed many passions of mine, from design to digital fabrication and ultimately my passion for surfing. I poured a lot of myself in this product and truly hope each box finds a special home where ever they reside.

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